B.C. Open

1964June 13-14Vancouver41James McCormick* and Elod Macskasy5.0-1.0
1965June 12-13Vancouver48Duncan Suttles and Elod Macskasy4.5-0.5
1966May 21-22Nanaimo37Duncan Suttles5.5-0.5
1967May 20-21Victoria40Ray Kerr5.5-0.5
1968June 15-16Vancouver29Ante Zaradic
1969April 4-6Burnaby48Bob Zuk* and Duncan Suttles6.0-1.0
1970April 4-5Burnaby46Ante Zaradic6.0-0.0
1971March 27-28Richmond38Duncan Suttles5.5-0.5
1972March 25-26Burnaby43Biyiasas, Macskasy, Stan Pakosta and Zuk5.0-1.0
1972October 7-9Vancouver90Bruce Harper, Dan Scoones, Stan Pakosta6.0-1.0
1973October 6-8Vancouver99Duncan Suttles6.5-0.5
1974October 12-14Vancouver55Brian McLaren5.5-0.5
1975November 8-9Burnaby51Joe Oszvald4.5-0.5
1976October 9-11Vancouver24Peter Biyiasas and Gordon Taylor5.0-1.0
1977October 8-10Vancouver38Gordon Taylor
1978October 7-9Vancouver48Peter Biyiasas* and Gerry Vigier5.5-0.5
1979October 6-8Victoria31Bruce Harper5.5-0.5
1980October 11-13Vancouver57Yasser Seirawan5.5-0.5
1981October 10-12Vancouver41Gerry Forbes5.5-0.5
1982October 9-11Vancouver62John Donaldson and Dan Scoones5.0-1.0
1983September 3-5Victoria58Ray Fasano5.0-1.0
1984June 30 - July 2Vancouver87Gordon Taylor5.0-1.0
1985June 29 - July 1Prince George24Paul Brown5.0-0.0
1986August 2-4Clearbrook71Tom O'Donnell5.0-1.0
1987April 17-19Kamloops59Tom O'Donnell5.5-0.5
1988October 8-10Vancouver54Alex Kuznecov and Leon Piasetski4.5-1.5
1989July 1-3Burnaby67Gary Basanta and Dave Ross4.5-1.5
1990September 1-3Victoria27Jonathan Berry6.0-0.0
1991November 9-11Vernon32Francisco Cabanas and Pierre Gladu*5.0-1.0
1992October 10-12Prince George22Gerry Neufahrt* and Rod Villaneuva5.0-1.0
1993July 31 - August 2Burnaby**49Leon Piasetski5.5-0.5
1994July 30 - August 1Burnaby**34Gary Basanta* and Marcel Milat5.0-1.0
1995April 15-17Vancouver27Gary Basanta
1996April 6-7Vancouver36Gary Basanta, Jim Ferguson* and Dave Herder5.0-1.0
1997June 13-15Vancouver29Gary Basanta4.5-0.5
1998April 10-12Vancouver22Arash Samani5.5-0.5
1999April 2-4Vancouver38Alfred Pechisker5.0-1.0
2000April 21-23Vancouver29Hee Seid5.0-1.0
2001April 13-15Vancouver26David Gliksman5.5-0.5
2003August 2-4Vancouver73Jiri Jirka5.5-0.5
2005October 8-10Vancouver34Vicente Lee5.5-0.5
2006October 7-8Kamloops16Mayo Fuentebella5.5-0.5
2009July 24-26Victoria49Eric Hansen5.0-0.0
2011July 30 - August 1Richmond48Jack Yoos5.0-1.0
2013February 9-11Richmond78Tanraj Sohal5.0-0.0
2014February 8-10Richmond76Tanraj Sohal5.5-0.5
2015February 7-9Richmond85Tanraj Sohal5.0-1.0
2016February 6-8Richmond102Jason Kenney, Tanraj Sohal, Grigoriy Morozov, Elias Oussedik4.5-1.5
2017February 11-13Richmond132Alfred Pechisker, Tanraj Sohal5.0-1.0

* Tie-break winner (where known)

** In 1993 this event was advertised as the B.C. Open (and later lists refer to Piasetski as the B.C. Open Champion), but reports on the event in Counterplay and En Passant called it the Vancouver Open. In 1994 the event was only referred to as the Vancouver Open, but because of the previous year (and to maintain continuity) I have designated the 1994 event a B.C. Open.