Various Photographs

Giant chess set in Victoria

A.G. Moody making a move on a giant chess board, circa 1935

Daniel MacAdam playing on the same set in Beacon Hill Park, 1970

1949 B.C. Championship

Left to right: Rolf Craigie, Clarence Carroll, Maurice Pratt, R.A. Douglas (BCCF president), Jack Taylor,
Charlie Millar. Miervaldis Jursevskis took the picture. The original is tiny (about a half inch square), hence
the blurriness after magnification.

1961 Canadian Speed Chess Championship

Zvonko Vranesic playing Elod Macskasy

Elod Macskasy receiving the trophy from John Prentice

The Yanofsky-Macskasy Match, UBC, December 1961

Nathan Divinsky, John G. Prentice, Abe Yanofsky, Elod Macskasy

Game 5: Macskasy, Yanofsky

Game 5: ?, Yanofsky

Game 5: ?, Yanofsky

Game 5: Yanofsky, Divinsky

Game 5: Duncan Suttles (standing), Divinsky, Prentice, ?, Yanofsky, ?, Macksasy

Game 7: Macskasy

Game 7: Suttles, Leslie Vitanyi, Macskasy, Ray Kerr

Game 7: Macskasy, Yanofsky

Game 7: Yanofsky, Prentice

Sousse Interzonal, 1967

Round 4: Duncan Suttles in play against Milan Matulovic

3rd Pan-American Championship, Santa Clara (Cuba) 1968

Elod Macskasy

Round 1: Macskasy vs. Francisco Perez

Round 3: Macskasy vs. Hector Rossetto

Canadian Championship, 1969

Larger image
Biyiasas, Kuprejanov, Suttles, Witt, Mathers, Prentice, Haley, Schulman
Day, Vranesic, Piasetski, Amos, Tootoosis, Litwinczuk, Kerr, Dobrich

9th Canadian Open 1971

Round 6: Boris Spassky and Duncan Suttles

Round 6: Lubomir Kavalek and Peter Biyiasas

Round 6: the view from the stage

Round 6: the view from the hall

Spassky, Biyiasas

Round 10: Spassky and Bob Zuk, Pal Benko observing

Round 10: Spassky and Zuk