Chess Club, Soviet Officers in Match

"The newly organized Jewish Chess Club will have the rare privilege to be host to a number of Russian Officers of the Red Fleet, who happen to be temporarily stationed in North Vancouver.

A friendly chess match with seven players a side is arranged for Wednesday, December 26th, at 7:30 p.m., in the club rooms at the Community Centre.

The following are the players of the Jewish team: A. Helman, D. Creemer, F. Atnicoff [sic - Atnikov], W. Sapiro, A. Braverman, W. Eisenstein. Visitors are very welcome."

[Jewish Western Bulletin, Friday, December 21, 1945]

[Image courtesy of the Jewish Historical Society of B.C. - further reproduction prohibited.]

Vancouver [Jewish] Chess Club Triumphs Over Russians 5-2

"A friendly chess match held between a team of Russian Naval Officers and the Vancouver Chess Club on December 26th, will long remain in the memory of the community as a very pleasant event. Over a hundred spectators followed with great interest and enthusiasm the progress of the games. The match ended with a score of 5-2 in favor [sic] of the V.J.C.C.

The chairman, Mr. D. Creemer, introduced Mr. A. Helman to welcome the Russian players. Mr. Helman reviewed briefly the progress of Soviet chess in the last twenty-five years, and stated that the aim of the newly organized Jewish club is to promote the royal game of chess in the city of Vancouver, and asked for moral support from the general public to assist in building a club that will be a proud asset to the Jewish community.

Refreshments were served after the match and a toast to the Russian team was made by Mr. Robinson. Lieutenant Glotoeunski replied on behalf of the Russians, thanking the club for the welcome extended to them and expressing the hope that there would be another chance for a return match. He stated that events of this nature help to strengthen the friendship between Canadian people and the Soviet Union."

[Jewish Western Bulletin, Friday, January 4, 1946]