Founding of the Victoria Chess Club

"We are indebted to Mr. R.H. Johnston for this history of the chess club:

The Victoria Chess Club was first started in September 1892, chiefly by the efforts of Mr. J.M. Maurice and Mr. J. Kingham, the first secretary. Among the organizers and best players were Mr. A.J. Rowbotham, Mr. B. Williams, Mr. Holton, Mr. R.C. Faucett, Mr. P.T. Johnston and others.

The club started in with a membership of about thirty and had a very successful season, bringing to a conclusion two tournaments and breaking up for the season at the beginning of April 1893. In October 1893 the club started again for the Winter but for several reasons was not such a success as the previous year, the lack of attendance compelling the club to close up in 1894.

The year 1894 witnessed the advent of two first-class players to Victoria, Mr. Piper and Mr. Hunnex, who brought a knowledge of the game outclassing our best players. Strengthened by these two players the club started again on January 17th, 1895, and has been a complete success in every way since that date.

Since the commencement of the season the club has had one tournament and has another in progress for a silver water-jug and cup, besides playing a match with San Francisco in which Victoria certainly showed to the best advantage. The membership of the club is now twenty-six active members and three honorary members with good prospects of the membership doubling during the winter months."

[Province, June 29, 1895. The club described above apparently faded into oblivion in the 1950s, and is not connected with the current Victoria Chess Club]